Finally.. it’s over..

This is about my undergraduated thesis, that have been done for about over 2 years!  That’s crazy man..!!  you have responsibility about your study, but you give up.. You were running away from your first responsibilty: finished study..

Finally  in this Month, February.. I have graduated 😀 Awesome.. 🙂




Thanks so much GOD..  Congratulation for me, my self & I… even actually little bit ashamed  coz I had graduated sooooo late, hehe

But it’s never been late..

Wish that I could implementation my knowledge, especially my major. Wish that I could be better person than before.. Wish that I could be of benefit to other people. Wish I could make me, myself & my parent happy.

One more time, thanks God, thanks my parent, mom and dad, thanks for all of my friend who had helped me finishing my study..

Love you all..


6 thoughts on “Finally.. it’s over..

  1. congratulations…

  2. selamat selamat, semoga lancar terus setelah wisuda ya…

  3. Congratz!
    But remember, this is not the end…this is just a beginning, hehehe

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