The Cancer Things (Zodiac Sign)

Suddenly remember that time is running out and next week will be my birthday. Time is really running so fast. Open old Notes and found this funny about Cancer Things. Just For Fun 😀

Cancer (Zodiac Sign)

Cancer (Zodiac Sign)


o Open sensitivity

o Home and domesticity

o Comfort and safety

o Hospitality and nature

o Wealth and charity

o Dreaming and telepathy

o Family history and tradition



o Extremely sensitive

o Never gives up

o Compassionate

o Very good memory

o Wonderful host

o Very supportive friend


o Tends to be clingy

o Moody

o Holds grudges forever

o Manipulative

o Introspective

Typical appearance

o Face is round and soft

o Flat chested or very busty

o Hips are slimmer than her bust

o Tendency to put on weight

o Strong bone structure

o Long arms and legs

o Very large or very petite hands


o Very emotional

o Prefers instinct rather than reason

o Has strong maternal and caring instincts

o Very sexual

o Craves material comforts and security

o Unconsciously manipulative

o Has great patience and perseverance

o Easily offended and never forgets an insult


o Very moody

o Loves food, especially sweets

o Fascinated by colours and pictures

o Needs lots of physical comfort and encouragement

o Has invisible friends

o Uses tears to get what he/she wants

o Loves to collect things

o Has an excellent memory


o Sailing, swimming, boats

o Watersports that are played in teams

o Gardening and interior decorating

o Looking after or breeding animals

o Collecting antiques

o Organizing social events or researching your family tree


o Anything expensive and classy

o Good food and wine

o Shopping

o Family and traditions

o People who remember birthdays and who are punctual


o Criticism

o Not being in control

o People who don’t appreciate your gene

Falling in love you:

o Never make the first move

o Have a fear of rejection

o Disappear at the first sign of mockery

o Love honest warmth and affection

o Become very deeply attached, to the point of obsession

In love you expect:

o Love forever

o To have your cooking appreciated

o To work hard for security

o Your family to come first

o Loyalty and devotion

Sexual needs

o Lots of mood making

o To know that it’s about the emotional and not just the physical

o To feel safe

o To trust and feel completely comfortable with a lover

o To be the centre of your lover’s fantasies

Sexual turn-ons

o Exotic and musky perfumes

o Rich and creamy foods

o Runny water (showers, pools etc)

o Massages and sensual fabrics

o Pleasant environment

o Slow and enduring foreplay

o Cuddles and pillow talk

(That’s all..Beleve it or not.. It’s just for fun:D )


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