Inspiration is Free and Inspiration Drives Us Best

Having a friend who become our coach, is like a miracle.

This Monday is the best Monday ever. In this morning, my best friend gave me some inspiration and motivation that might drive us to be the better and wisher person. Here I share to all of you. Hope these can inspire us 🙂

I’m sure your days in Thai will make you a wiser person, and it enhances your insight about how life shall be treated… 

And I’m sure your mind will be treated like sponge which can absorb many new good things called differences…
And I’m sure you can enjoy life more by interacting with different nationalities in Thai, making your life more colorful and stamping your life as an open book to write more stories…

Perhaps, one fine day when you are back to Jakarta, you can be an inspiration for other younger generations to learn more about differences and encourage them to accept differences as part of norm life…


What a touching quotes. These are not only for me, could be for you. For everyone, who decide to move and reach their dreams. These can inspire you, wherever you are. 

It does not matter whether you know me or not, because Kindness is a language everyone can speak..
So, if I speak the language of kindness, it is likely you can accept me, and this kindness will go on and on from your dear heart to others..

inspire (1)

I knew that I am not a perfect person. But, if we can be a person to motivate and inspire others, that would make us incredible person, aren’t we? Because inspiration is free and inspiration drives us best.

Let’s inspire others 🙂

Salam hangat,

Rachma Rara


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