My First ASEAN Journey, my dream came true..

I remember my 2012 new year resolutions, yes, It has been 2 years ago, but that was the first time I put travelling abroad on my resolution list, at least visited our neighbourhood countries: Singapore or Malaysia.

Well.. at that time, it seems impossible.. Yeah, it was really impossible. First, because I did not graduate yet at that time. Second, because I was just an ordinary people, ordinary woman. What I had is only my dream. And, had broken relationship with my ex, really gave me strong faith, to believe my dream. 

You girls must remember: broken heart is not always bad. It gave us important lesson, especially about life. To appreciate our precious life. Believe me, broken heart is not the end of world.

Well, back to my 2012 reasolutions, after I graduated from my college in February, I got an opportunity to work in my hometown, Tangerang City. Right after graduation ceremonial in 18 April 2012, I started work at first of May 2012.

My life was getting better at that time. I started to live up my life. Forget about my ex, building my career and enjoy my life. Then  in September 2012, my dream came true. I had a chance to visit Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. One by one, just like stepping up the stairs, my life was going brighter.

Here are some of my pics when I was holiday in Kuala Lumpur last 2012. Just for my memories, it was great holiday there. Travelling always open up my mind. I always can find something new.

*Sedikit oleh2 buat kenang-kenangan pribadi 😀 Sayangnya hanya tersisa foto2 ini karena foto2 lama di memory card yg rusak.


Until now, sometimes I realize that yes, you have to believe your dreams to make it come true. I don’t even have enough confidence to make them come true. I just keep trying, to make them turn in to reality. To make them my motivations, that I need to reach in my life.

I remember some quotes:

It always seems impossible until it’s done.” ~ Nelson Mandela

When you cease to dream you cease to live.” ~Malcolm S. Forbes

See you in my next journey! I will write about my experience in another ASEAN countries..  I hope I can go more countries 😉


Rachma Rara


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