About Ceritarara


Ceritarara is name of this blog.

Love chocolates, coffee, cats, funny dogs.

My Hobbies: reading, watching movie, listening music and travelling.

Occupation: A web developer freelance

My Dream:  “go around the world

My Motto: “If you failed 100 times, try a thousand times, try and try and try till you make it.”

At this moment, I am on my way to realize my dream. A stranger in a strange country.. to become who really I am.. to learn many new things.. to see wonderful world through my own eyes..

I keep writing to share my own “garbage” of thoughts.. I have million things running out of my mind. And yes, I need to throw them.. I write for my own self, but would be happy if my blog is useful for someone else too.

Let’s share and learn 🙂

With Love,

Rachma Rara

4 thoughts on “About Ceritarara

  1. Salam kenal! 🙂

  2. hai hai hai
    numpang komen ah 😀

  3. ass wr..alooo rara salam kenal yah….bagus nih blognya….

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